Sylvana Research Patient Recruitment

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Sylvana Research approached us to design their mountain cedar allergy patient recruitment mailers. Each year, one mailer is sent out before mountain cedar season begins to create awareness and drive candidates to contact Sylvana to see if they qualify for the study. A second mailer is sent once the season begins to generate a greater sense of urgency to qualify for participation. The mailers personify the entire mountain cedar season as some sort of terrorizing monster but in a very tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

The Year One mailers took visual cues from 1950’s horror film posters with their grainy black and white photography and typographic treatment. The Year Two mailers evoke a similar feeling but take a little inspiration from the famous satire tabloid, Weekly World News. These themes help create the excitement needed to recruit patients during the limited timeframe for testing, without seeming like an actual emergency.