Bone Marrow Biopsy: OnControl iPad Sales Tool

By KRCOAdmin on July 17th In
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Vidacare needed a sales aid for their OnControl product line that addressed the unique needs of multiple medical professionals who used or interacted with the device. In addition to addressing these different audiences, the tool needed to be easily updatable to accommodate ongoing clinical study data and published results.

K Roberts & Co created a web-based, iPad-optimized microsite with multi-direction functionality that allows the sales rep to customize the presentation of information in a way that specifically addresses each viewer’s needs. Our singular, cost-efficient solution also provides an easy way to update the tool with corporate directed content via the web. And in the event that a face-to-face client meeting is not possible, our web-based solution, as opposed to an app or PowerPoint presentation, allows the sales rep to send a link so the client can view it at their leisure, on any device with an internet connection.